Announcing the companies judged to have created
the most innovative workforce plans.

Each of these companies has won $25,000 and the help of workforce consultancy Next Street to implement their winning plans.

Organizations with 250+ Employees

  • Children's Aid Society is launching a professional development program for its assistant teachers and teacher aides to enable them to grow their careers in education.
  • Cooperative Home Care Associates is adding financial literacy and saving instruction to its training program for new home health aides.
  • GVC LTD is developing a 4-month training program to help their ride-along bus driver assistants become certified NYC Board of Education drivers.
  • Urban Health Plan is enhancing its internship program to source new talent, introduce tuition reimbursement programs and create online courses and trainings.

Organizations with 20 – 250 Employees

  • Build It Green! NYC is training its staff to turn salvaged wood and other used building materials tr into products like flooring, furniture, and paneling.
  • All Natural Products DBA Davidovich Bakery is teaching unskilled workers and recent immigrants to become high-skilled artisan bakers.
  • GoExpress - AIMessenger are training their courier, delivery, sales, and account teams in the most up-to-date customer relationship management and tracking technologies in the industry.
  • Peak Security Plus is sponsoring training for a variety of industry certifications for its top-performing staff in an effort to boost employee engagement.
  • Red Rabbit is redesigning its summer strategy to create an in-house culinary school for its cooks.

Organizations with Fewer Than 20 Employees

  • ConstructionKids, Inc. is formalizing a training program for its teachers that will allow the organization to hire and train its staffmore effectively.
  • Catalyst Coaching & Consulting is launching a new business and life skills learning center offering a full range of classes, from personal finance to interview prep, for adult workers.
  • Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corp.  is training local residents in modern manufacturing skills and helping them connect with businesses that are hiring.
  • developing an employee onboarding and professional development program covering technical and managerial skills.
  • Tyga-Box Systems is training its staff to implement a new RFID tracking technology that follows the location of each box on a moving site.