Your organization is as strong as your workforce.
Your workforce is as strong as your plan.

The bottom line reason to improve your workforce is an improved bottom line. That’s why we’ve designed this competition to engage all different kinds of workforces.

  • 250+

    Large Organizations with more than 250 employees. With the most employees, you have the most to gain from implementing and sustaining an innovative workforce plan.

  • 20-250

    Mid-Size Organizations with 20 to 250 employees. You grew your company from a start-up. Now that you’re set to grow further, you want to maximize the skills, the performance and the revenues that come from a stronger workforce.

  • <20

    Small Organizations with fewer than 20 employees. You know that getting the most from a small team is critical to your growth: the number one goal of any small organization.


Every size organization, whether a traditional business, a non-profit or a for-profit social enterprise, will benefit from:

  1. The $25,000 initial cash prize to put your great plans into action
  2. The workforce consulting from award winning consultancy Next Street that will help you implement and ensure that your plan is scalable and sustainable.
  3. The Grand Prize of $100,000 awarded to the best plan from each size category.
  4. And the Citywide notoriety of being a top workforce innovator.